NJOYA LEAGUE 2018 – Online Qualifier Workouts

As from today you can do the workouts at the location of your choice.
It does not matter in which order and time frame you complete the 3 Online Qualifier workouts.

To give everybody & your box the time to prepare we choose to pre-announce the workouts today. As per Saturday the 15th we are ready to check your maximum efforts, at 8:00 in the morning we will publicate the link to where you can upload your scores and team information.

The deadline is Sunday 23rd of September at 23.59 hours. You will find the Workout description / Movement standards / Judge forms through this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I-r…. Please read the movement standards before asking questions.

You can ask all of your questions underneath this FaceBook post and we’ll answer your questions asap. By yourself Each of you will have to do the qualifier workouts by yourself, although you are signed up with a Buddy – or Superteam. The average of the scores of all team members will be your team score and will result into the placement ranking.

Division / Category Make sure all team members choose the same division (Main / Master / Top). When you submit your scores you will have to notify us of this FINAL decision in which division and category you will be competing. With this information we will make the placement ranking.